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Who we are

ASM Consultants was founded in Wall St, New York City. We had a small team of 8 individuals, representing one client: Sprint. A couple months from launching the campaign, we hopped on the opportunity to our first expansion: Detroit, MI. Since then we’ve worked side by side several Fortune 100 clients, expanded to 3 cities, with over 40 brand ambassadors attending our client’s events on a daily basis. This year we have expanded to San Antonio and Waco and we are on pace to expanding into six markets in three cities.

Our experience

Clients enjoy our services because we provide quality training that generates quality sales, we develop quality leaders to represent their brands. The best part about it is: there isn’t a black and white way of doing things, instead, a sound system and solid structure that allows the team to develop their personal skills to obtain a common goal we set out to accomplish. We believe that if you work hard on a job, you’ll have a career. Work hard on yourself, and you make a living. Because of this, everyday we aim to improve ourselves at least 1% from the day before.

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We have a mission

Here at ASM Consultants, We are the the face of our clients. By filling in the blanks that other saturated marketing strategies simply don’t cover such as radio and social media, our clients are able to maximize profits for a better ROI they can’t find elsewhere. Because of our 100% guarantee in ROI, our clients focal point shifted from producing in volumes to national and international expansion!
While expanding into new markets for our client as a consultant firm, our efforts in professional training and development is channeled towards our competitive representatives. Our approach in driving quality over quantity provides satisfying results for our clients and their consumers not only in production, but the quality of individuals we have representing them.
Based on our wide range of Fortune 100/500 clients, our marketing strategies are never one dimensional. Our modern approach have been proven to engage our clients with their targeted audience. The  clients we represent have been able to benefit from the experiential promotional marketing techniques that our firm uses by giving them more cost effective results that can be accurately measured.

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